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Mar 19

Residents Get First Glimpse Of Mosaic Tribute Park Floor

March 19, 2004
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Jul 23

Work Begins Slowly At Tribute Park

July 23, 2004
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    Now that the city’s Arts Commission has approved the corrected plans for Tribute Park, the long-awaited memorial to those Rockaway residents who died at the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, work has resumed slowly at the Beach 116 Street and Beach Channel Drive site. The Firefighter’s Monument that was at the northern portion of the site along with the flagpole, has been moved forward to the southern portion of the site. The glass cupola that was scheduled to be in the center of the site will now be at the northern end, along with a new floor. A source close to the construction of the new site told The Wave that the park would not be ready for its opening prior to the anniversary of the WTC attack. Pictured, the site from Beach Channel Drive. The distinctive Firefighter’s helmet marks the top of the firefighter’s monument.
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    Tall grass still marks the memorial site, which was slated to open in September. A number of changes need to be made to the electrical and water infrastructure due to mandates from the city’s Parks Commission. Photos by Miriam Rosenberg.

Sep 3

Whatever Happened To Tribute Park?

September 3, 2004
The triangle of land on Beach Channel Drive and Beach 116 Street that is slated to one day become Tribute Park in memory of those Rockaway residents who died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 was cleaned recently, but it is clear that it will not be ready once again for the third anniversary of the tragic event. While the park was scheduled to be ready for last year’s anniversary, several complications brought on by city and state rules have put a short hold on the project, though many of those who donated to the park by buying bricks and benches are beginning to lose faith in what has become a interminable project. Pictured, the firefighter’s helmet on one of the tributes to be in the park stands forlorn in the center of the site. It was recently moved from the northern part of the site due to a mandate by the city’s Arts Commission.
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Nov 26

Chamber Hires Tribute Park Coordinator

November 26, 2004
Dan Mundy, Tribute Park’s Project Coordinator, inspects the cement finishing work on a wall separating the park from Duane Reade.
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