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May 25

Tribute Park Gets Spruced Up For It's My Park Day

May 25, 2007
By Miriam Rosenberg

A small group of Rockaway residents came together last Saturday to get one of the top parks in the borough, Tribute Park, ready for the summer season as part of the city's It's My Park Day.
Volunteers used the opportunity to clean weeds and dirt, and fill in the spaces between the bricks that lay in the park.
The cleaning of Tribute Park was one of the over 150 projects in neighborhood parks across the five boroughs.
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Aug 31

Tribute Park Fundraiser A Time For Contemplation, Remembrances

Aug 31, 2007
The annual fundraiser for Tribute Park was held on Thursday, August 23 this year. The park, dedicated to those locals who died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, features a glass cupola etched with the names of Rockaway residents who died that day, as well as a firefighters memorial to all of the FDNY officers .
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Sep 11

Tears And Roses As Rockaway Remembers Its Heroes

Sept 11, 2007
Dual Tribute Park Ceremonies Highlight September 11 Events
Rockaway remembered those who died in the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center six years ago, last Tuesday at Tribute Park. The dual ceremonies were touching and the setting, right on Jamaica Bay, was perfect, as more than 100 local family members and residents gathered to commemorate the day. At 8:48 a.m., family members and community activists placed roses on the compass that makes up the central portion of Tribute Park, as the names of the local residents who died that day were read. The Tribute Park flag was raised to half-staff. Roses were also placed on the Firefighter's Memorial that celebrates the life of all of the FDNY members who died that day. The roses were donated by 1-800-Flowers. At 7:48 that evening, another ceremony was held, with the flag lowering and a rendition of "Taps." 
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Nov 9

Local's Photo Exhibited at Queens Museum

Nov 9, 2007
Rockaway resident Irv Gordon was one of the winners of the New York City Parks and Recreation's photography contest.
His winning entry, a photo of Tribute Park, will be exhibited at the Queens Museum of Art and published in "A Salute to Queens Parks: A Photo Book."
This will be the second time that Gordon's photos will be exhibited at the Museum.
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