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Students' Reflections

Waterside School for Leadership 
MS 318, Rockaway, NY

Photographs by
Natalia Zetino

Artwork by
Aubrey Clavines
and Natalia Zetino

Reflections by
Melissa Restrepo
Kyra Welch
Aubrey Clavines
Natalia Zetino
Rashel Lopez
Latavia Cave
Radiance Freeman
Nylah Ben
Samira Sam

Caroline Feeney

Melissa Restrepo

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To those who fought for them
To those who bleed and cried for them
I want you to know that we have you engraved in our hearts
Their souls are up in heaven
They will always be in our prayers and never forgotten
To those who fought for them
To those who bleed and cried for them
You are heroes to the world

Rockaway will never forget you

Kyra Welch

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What Tribute Park means to me is to show the respect of families that lost many loved ones. In the picture above it shows a rock that I placed by the flag to show me respect the fire fighters that lost their lives on 9/11.

I picked up a rock
And held it tight
And wished to rewind time and
Make everything wronged right

I picked up a rock
And held it tight
And hoped that your loved ones
Would dream with you tonight

I placed the rock next the flag
I left there in tribute to you
“By the beach you loved so much”
One wish that I have is “for yesterday and you…”

Aubrey Clavines

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drawing: Aubrey Clavines

Looking Toward the Stars
As I look up at the stars above I can faintly see the name of the one I love Carved carefully on a glass shard He will forever remain up there always remembered Cause he was one of many who were too substantial to disregard.
Oh how I wish that day never came That day where the walls of the Towers crumbled down  Taking you six feet under the rubble That day when even the city crumbled down into a state of panic It was the day where you slipped out of my life from something so tragic. 
I was left alone  Countless days have faded away but I did not know For I was busy, too busy, thinking what could have been if you were still here Many days have passed since that time and I finally moved on I have come to accept the fact that you were gone.
And as I look up at the stars above me in the glass sky  I remember that fateful day  Where those towers crumbled down and took you away But I will not cry For this is not goodbye 'I will see you again, another time'.

Rashel Lopez

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I feel so close to you right now
I would disappear to be with you
I know there so much left undone in this lifetime
But we will always have our beautiful tomorrows
Because I know you’re waiting for me

I feel so close to you right now
Looking out onto the city
Where there was so much despair
Now shines a glimmer of hope
As the freedom tower looks back at me

I feel so close to you right now
Stars spell out your name
Just like the ones in the Rockaway Tribute
Our love for each other will always remain

Natalia Zetino

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This place means the world to me
The way the mist and the clouds cover most but show’s what we want to see
It reminds me of who used to own my world
You did… You owned it before you left
This park has your name written all over it
With this park I feel that you’re with me
That you’re right here next to me
Holding me in your arms like you used too
You will always be my hero
In this park…
I feel better
Knowing you’re with me
Watching over the city, as it reflects in the water
You are right there beside me
Like it used to be
Now thanks to this park…
We can finally be together forever

Latavia Cave

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Star light
Star bright
We remember those tonight
Who risked their lives
No longer to see another day
Why won’t the pain go away?
Their legacy will live on forever
We will remember them day by day

I wish I may
I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight
A safer world for us to grow up in
A world free of violence and corruption

Radiance Freeman

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A Rose In Tribute
These flowers petals represent love
For all of the tears shed for the people who died without warning
The flowers vibrant color represent
For people who have lost loved ones
The flowers bloom all together
Because we are
These flowers return every year to represent
As we continue our journey in loving memory of you

Two weeks before the event that happened on 9-11-01, my mother and father planned to have dinner by the Twin Towers. My mother was still pregnant with me at the time. When I heard about this, all I could think about was what could have happened if they didn’t change their minds about having dinner by the Twin Towers. Tribute Park is place where people can reflect their feelings about the attack on September 11th, a place where people can remember their loved ones. Many people are glad that this park was built because their lives were changed after this event. This is how I feel about Tribute Park.

Nylah Ben

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People were lost but never forgotten,
Rockaway will never forget.
People sacrificed their lives and it cannot be given back,
But their souls went to heaven.
All around rockaway everyone saw,
Who did it all.
In tribute to all who passed on during 911,
I say you are strong and united,
You put your life on the line to save those who were going to die.
Even though you’re your families still mourn for you, remember people still love you.
Rockaway Will Always Remember!

Samira Sam

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September 11, 2001 was a sad day. I was only 1 years old when this happened. I didn’t know what was going on. Now I am 13 years old and I have learned more about the attack that happened on 9/11/01. I learned about the Twin Towers and about the men who planned to destroy them. Now that I know what happened on that day I have questions for the men who planned the attack. Why would someone do something like this? Was it worth it? You didn’t win. Why would u do something so mean? So many people lost their lives because of you. Why do you want to take over a big country like America when you have your own country? It is sad, and I am very angry with the people who planned the attack. Ever since the attack America is more protected for example: if you are not from here you have to go through a lot of things to make sure you don’t have any guns, bombs or any other weapon. All I have to say now is God bless America and everyone who was affected by the attack. All the people who died from 9-11 may God bless you and you are in my prayers.



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